A Birthday Introduction!


Here’s me wearing an… ADHD costume! It tells you a lot about me:

I often lose my train of thoughts. 🚂

I get tons of brilliant ideas by the hour… but get overwhelmed trying to implement them. 💡

I get random hyper-fixations, which send me into hours (or days, or months) of hyper-focus. 🦚

I spend about 45% of my waking time looking for my glasses and phone. 👓

I either do something, or I don’t. There is no in-between. When I don’t, it wouldn’t help reminding me, begging me or getting angry with me. It’s my neurology. 🧠

On the other hand, when I do it, there’s no stopping me. Hunger, sleep and toilet cease to exist. You do too (sorry). 🦋

The latest thing I do, at the expense of everything else, is writing my ADHD fantasy novel. It’s due in spring 2022. Or… but yes, it is. 📖

Members of my ADHD fantasy readers' club will be the first to know when it's out!

I also write the chilling mystery thriller story of writing my fantasy. Yep, the life of an ADHD-Indie author is quite its own roller coaster.

Happy to get to know you! ❤️
Fancy gifting me for my birthday?... how about sharing my stuff? 😊 🤗