What ADHD Feels Like, #1: Running Against the Wind

In honor of October, ADHD Awareness Month, I am sharing some snippets from my ADHD fantasy fiction, describing what living with ADHD actually feels like to me.

“We’re running, doing our best to keep going. The wind is harsh, here and there throwing some mud on our faces. I keep counting my kids, making sure all three keep up.

"Around us our extended family, friends, acquaintances, strangers… all are walking peacefully, some smiling, some waving at us, saying something. 'What…?' I yell out, panting, 'What did you say?' — 'Nice day today, huh?' comes the cheerful reply.

"They’re not doing this on purpose. It really is a lovely day for them. They cannot see, let alone feel, the violent wind that we are constantly fighting.

"I can only imagine how awkward we must seem to them, always in the midst of a great, unjustified effort, our hair undone, not hearing them well despite the calm surroundings, shouting with no apparent need.”