What ADHD Feels Like, #2: Thinking. I think


It's ADHD Awareness Month!

Personally, I'm aware of my ADHD 365 days a year, but this month is an opportunity to let people know that some of us have differently wired brains, and though you can't see this from the outside, this affects our whole lives.

How exactly?

Here's snippet #2 from my ADHD fantasy fiction, in which ADHD is actually very true to reality. Can you relate?

"'Are you still thinking?'

'Always,' said Kay. Though she wasn’t quite sure what it was she was thinking about. There was so much to think about, so much to marvel at, everything equally urgent and important.

Or maybe not, but each new thought burst in forcefully, trying to kill all others and reign briefly, violently failing. She wondered if thinking might constitute strange behavior, too. Maybe just overthinking. Could one overthink overthinking?"